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What/when: 3 Week session with the first session on the first Monday of every month 11:00 -12:00 

The second session:  Roughly one week after the first. 

The third session:  Roughly two weeks after the first

Where:  Hands On Physical Therapy gym Suite 101

Cost:  $360.00 without tape.  $375.00 with tape


On the first visit you will receive a running analysis on a treadmill, learn about your running form and tips for improvement, self taping techniques as needed for biomechanical deficits, specific tri plane exercise instruction for your specific needs. 

If shoe wear is needed we will recommend visiting Steve Leary, PT at Footzone 6-7 pm on the second Tuesday of every month.

Week two is a one on one session with a Physical Therapist where you will go through the program given you and make sure exercise performance is correct, self taping is being done is done correctly,  and that you are on track to better form.

Week 3 you will return for a brief 20 minute appointment where you will be re-analized on video and any questions/ concerns will be addressed.

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6-Week Running Program:

Appropriate for those:

  • Wanting to improve their running form, hoping to prevent injury
  • Without pain and known problems
  • Not needing running analysis by a Physical Therapist

What/when: 6 week long course combining a 30-60 minute instructional session to learn exercises for stretching and strengthening key muscle groups.  Group run when time allows

When: Call Hands On Physical Therapy 541-312-2252  to inquire when next clinic is

Where: Hands On Physical Therapy gym and outdoors by clinic

Cost: $120  Limit 6 participants so hurry to register

About the Instructors:

Steve Leary, PT: Steve is the Physical Therapist who heads up the running program at Hands On Physical Therapy. He has comprehensive knowledge of lower extremity running form biomechanics and common running injuries. He has a keen and experienced eye for picking up common  faults. He has been partnering with Footzone for over 10 years, he started their Ask the Expert and is at Footzone the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  He has a large knowledge of foot ware for runners.  He can also relate to the runner on a personal level having been a scholarship Division 1 collegiate cross country and track runner

Jennifer Wardyga, PT, DPT:  Jen is our Physical Therapist who has advanced skills using video gait analysis to identify biomechanical faults in runners that contribute to the decreased efficiency and increased risk of injury. She has a passion for working with runners of all levels.  Jen has personal experience in running as a track and field athlete in high school.  To this day you can find her out training for one of the many upcoming road races.

Stacee Wells, PTA: is our Physical Therapy Assistant with an additional degree in Exercise & Sport Science.  She has developed an expertise in multi-plane stretching and strengthening exercises.  She has a love of running and helping others taking their running to the next level.  She herself participates in races of various distances.

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Restore Your Core and More:

With this program, our goal is to educate woman as soon after childbirth as allowed by their doctor.

Level One:

This 4 week group class is taught by a Physical Therapist and is highly recommended for all women post childbirth for at least their 1st child.  It will teach you how to begin the process of restoring your core, teach you body mechanics tips to help take care of your baby without hurting your body,  and many more tips to help in the prevention of back pain.  You will learn the signs of rectus diastasis, uterine prolapse, and clogged milk ducts.  If any of these conditions are present, we will recommend one on one treatment where these issues can more effectively be treated.

This class will prepare you for the Level 2 and 3 Restore your core class where you will begin more advanced isometric core engagement on the mat and then the Pilates Reformer. 

Class Length: Class is 45 minutes in length, runs 1x/week for 4 consecutive weeks

Cost:  $ 80.00  for all 4 weeks  ( a nominal investment that could potentially save you thousands in therapy costs later on)

Your baby is welcome.  You may want to bring in a stroller or car seat or blanket to place them on so you can be hands free.

Or Should begin this class as early as possible post delivery.

Taught by Licensed PhysicalTherapists

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Level Two:

This class will take your core to the next level.  It will be a gradual progression of core exercises to help you get rid of the belly fat and prevent the dreaded muffin top.  It will build on the muscle activation of the Core muscles in the stomach and pelvic floor that you were introduced to in Level 1.    You will be participating in Pilates mat exercises.

This class will also prepare your core for the next level of intensity on the Pilates reformer, chair and core align equipment. 

Class Length: Class is 50 minutes in length

Cost is:  $80 for 1x/week for 4 weeks

Class size is limited to 6 participants and babies are welcome.

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Level Three:

Our level 3 class will utilize the Pilates equipment to strengthen and tone your core even more.

Class Length: is 50 minutes in length

Cost is:  $100 for 1x/week for 4 weeks | $200 for 2x/week for 4 weeks

Class size is limited to 4 participants. Best to leave babies at home for this one

Note:  Prerequisites for Level 2 and 3 Restore Your Core are needed and include: 

Inquire About Level 3

Level 1 Restore your core or More graduate

A prior Pilates patient at Hands On Pilates,

or Scheduled to take a private Pilates class to make sure you have adequate knowledge of Transversus abdominus and pelvic floor recruitment to ensure you are getting the most out of the class.

At least 6 weeks postpartum or clearance from you MD

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