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Massage Therapy:

Hands on Physical Therapy is pleased to offer Massage Therapy.

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous.  It is frequently incorporated into your Physical Therapy treatment plan. People often desire to continue with a routine massage once Physical Therapy is discharged to help manage pain, tightness and stress.   An added benefit from receiving massages at Hands On Physical Therapy is that our Physical Therapists can work closely with our Massage Therapist to help tailor a session to suite your specific needs. 

Whether you are seeking a massage as part of your after therapy maintenance program or because massage feels good and is a great way to relax, and unwind from the busyness of life, we are here to help you in your quest for better Wellness.

Each massage appointment will last approximately 55 minutes

Receive a $20.00 discount when you are a member of our Wellness program

Choose From The Following Type of Massage:

Therapeutic/deep tissue Massage:

A deeper form of massage focusing on specific areas of tightness and dysfunction.

Mani Lomi Massage:

A deep yet gentle muscle specific technique that releases trigger points, muscle tension and improves blood flow

Sweedish Massage:

A relaxing full body massage where the massage strokes are long and gliding moving in the direction of blood returning to the heart.  This is a great form of massage for those who want to decompress and relax after a stressful day at work or home

Myofascial Release:

A form of massage where there is prolonged stretching of the fascia in areas of restriction to help balance the body.


A technique where silicone or glass cups are applied to areas of tightness to unload the tissue and enhance blood flow and lymphatic movement. 

Note:  this technique can leave red circular marks afterwards that may take a few days to go away

Pregnancy Massage:

Pregnancy can cause back pain, rib cage and thoracic pain as the baby grows, leg cramps, and swelling.   Massage is a wonderful way to help reduce the myofascial tightness and swelling so commonly seen in pregnancy. 

We have a specific pregnancy mat that allows for you to lie on your stomach with a cut out for your stomach so baby will be comfortable too.


At Hands On Pilates, our focus is on posture and safe exercise! Pilates is a perfect form of exercise for those recovering from a spine injury , wanting to prevent a spine injury, those with postural concerns, those with scoliosis, woman following pregnancy as well as for the athlete wanting to improve their core strength to enhance their sports performance.

We are a unique studio in that our programs are overseen by a Physical Therapist.  Lisa Kennedy-Leary, PT has been utilizing Pilates for her appropriate outpatients for 20 years.  Because of the increase knowledge of injuries and orthopedic issues seen at our studio, we are able to tailor your Pilates exercise to what will be safest for your condition.

Learn More About Pilates From Our FAQ's

Types of Pilates Classes:

  • Pilates Classes Post Rehab and for General Public with Dave Zimmerman
  • Post Pregnancy Pilates with Anna Spengler  
  • Pilates for Youth and Adults with Scoliosis with Anna Spengler  
  • Rehab Pilates with Lisa Kennedy-Leary or Anna Spangler  

Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes Post Rehab and General Public

Pilates with Dave Zimmerman

Monday:  7:30 – 8:30 am, 9:30 – 10:30 am, *10:30 -11:30, *4:00-5:00

Tuesday:   6:30 – 7:30 am; 11:00 – 12:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30–8:30am, 9:30 -10:30am, *10:30 -11:30, *4:00-5:00

Thursday:   6:30 – 7:30 am

Friday: 6:30 – 7:30 am; 10:00 – 11:00 am; 11:00 – 12:00, 12:00- 1:00

* Pilates Foundation Class:  In this class, exercises are focused on the “building blocks” of Pilates.  Ample “neutral spine” work is very useful for effective core strength and good posture.  This is a great class for those newer to Pilates or for those with complex structural issues

Learn More About Our Instructor Dave

Class Rates:

Dave’s Class Rates for groups up to 4 people

Single Visit: $ 34.00

Package of 5 classes: $145.00 ($29.00 per class)

Package of 10 classes: $270.00 ($27.00 per class)

Package of 20 classes: $480.00 ($24.00 per class)

Pilates Semi-Private Rates for 2 people

Single Visit: $ 47.00

Package of 5 classes: $220.00 ($44.00 per class)

Package of 10 classes: $410.00 ($41.00 per class)

Pilates Private Rates:

Single Visit: $ 70.00

Package of 5 classes: $300 ($60.00 per session)

Package of 10 classes: $560.00 ($56.00 per session)

Special Combo Package:

Recommended when just getting started or you need a little extra help! Package of 10 classes + 2 Private classes for $360.00

* We reserve the right to charge for appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice.  Our 24 hour cancellation policy applies for all classes/sessions.

* All packages expires 3 months from date of purchase.

Post Pregnancy Pilates Classes

With Anna Spengler

“Restore Your Core” 

Level 2 – Tuesday:  10:00- 11:00

Level 3 – 1day/week Thursday:  10:00-11:00  | 2 days/week Tuesday Thursday:  9:00 -10:00

** New session starts the first Tuesday of every month and runs 4 weeks

** If after work hours are needed call to inquire and if others are in need we will work to schedule a class

*** Payment in full is due at the beginning of each monthly session.

**Because of the reduced rate for this program, we sadly can not offer refunds. 

**We also reserve the right to cancel a session due to low enrollment.  In this scenario, you will be reimbursed your money

Learn More About Our Instructor Anna

Class Rates:

Cost for Level 1:

1 x per week for 4 weeks = $80.00

Cost for Level 2:

1 x per week for 4 weeks = $100.00

2 x per week for 4 weeks = $200.00

Youth and Adult Scoliosis Pilates Class

With Anna Spengler

Dates and times vary and will be based on what works best for the majority of class participants.

Cost:  1x/week for 4 week session = $120.00

Journey to Wellness Through Yoga:

Journey to Wellness is a 6-week yoga workshop facilitated by a licensed physical therapist and certified yoga instructor. With injury risk reduction and rehabilitation as integral values, all students will be guided through the basics of yoga, including correct alignment, breathing, and mindfulness techniques. Additionally, students will learn modifications and progressions of yoga poses in order to optimize individual yoga practice. Together we will cultivate greater body awareness, empower each other to move safely and mindfully, and progress towards achieving our unique goals–rehabilitative and recreational alike.

Class space is limited.

Contact Us To Sign Up!

Yoga For Runners:

Yoga for Runners is a 60-minute vinyasa flow yoga class that combines strengthening and flexibility specific to the needs of runners.  Class is structured in a way where students will move through a dynamic flow of strengthening postures for 30-40 minutes followed by a 20-30 min slower flow that focuses more on stretching muscle groups typically tight in runners.  Classes are open to individuals with all levels of experience in both yoga and running, however knowledge of basic yoga postures is encouraged.  Alignment cues and mindfulness techniques will be provided throughout class to facilitate safe movement mechanics in all postures.

Class space is limited.

Wednesday evenings, 5:30-6:30pm

Cost: Drop-In: $20 | 5-pack of Classes: $90  | 10-pack of Classes: $175

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Group Exercise

Contact the office at 541-312-2252 for the current schedule of group exercise classes



Sports Related Clinics:

Changes regularly so call for current list and more information

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HOPT Wellness Plan

At Hands On Physical Therapy, we are all about Wellness.  We believe that all musculoskeletal problems whether chronic or acute will do better when one takes a holistic approach to healing. With a holistic approach, one can improve one’s health and reduce stress through exercise when it is done regularly and mindfully focusing on technique and form. 

We understand that the insurance industry is changing and Physical Therapy is being discharged much sooner than the patient and Physical Therapist often desire.

Our Wellness Program will:

  • Provide options for people striving to find the best way to continue with an exercise program they will stick with.
  • Help keep a watchful eye on those that graduate from PT but need a little more guidance for their exercise program.
  • Help provide additional services such as Massage and or Laser to those that find this helpful, but insurance wont pay for it. 
  • Help educate our family of patients and the community at large on topics of wellness that may be important to them.

Please inquire the next time you are in our clinic or call 541-312-2252 to find out more about our program and if it is right for you.

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